Courses - A Guide

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CIM Courses - A Guide

The Chartered Institute of Marketing or CIM for short is the world's largest organisation for professional marketers. The CIM and all of the CIM courses play a key role in training, development and the overall representation of the marketing profession.

Why choose to study any of the CIM Courses?

When it comes to selecting a qualification to study, everyone will claim that they have the best and most sought after one for you. However when it comes to the CIM Courses or qualifications there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The CIM Courses are the only qualifications directly mapped to the UK Government framework for national occupational standards for Marketing.
  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world's largest organisation for professional marketers and they have a global reputation as a centre of excellence and the CIM courses are all recognised world wide.
  • All of the CIM courses are based on detailed research and ongoing feedback from employers who have told the CIM which skills and knowledge they require from marketers.
  • The CIM courses are driven the practical needs of marketers and the industries they work in.
  • A CIM course will provide you with all the practical tools and techniques which you will be able to put to use immediately.
  • As the CIM states in their own prospectus: It's not about the usual industry standard qualifications - ours are the industry standard!

What about University?

With the recent rise in tuition fees it is a crucial decision for any young or aspiring marketer to make. Traditionally a marketing degree was one of the sure ways of landing that all important marketing job. However, a lot of graduates are faced with the problem of not having a CIM qualification. This has become more effident in recent times with the majority of job listing for marketing positions now requiring a CIM qualification. The feedback from employers was that the CIM courses enable candidates to walk into a job role and start straight away without having to undergo further training to enable them to use the theoretical knowledge learned through their university education.

I'm interested in Digital Marketing, are there any courses for me?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) are unique in the fact that they are not just digital. They know that marketing is complex and that digital activity needs to integrate and align with the broader marketing strategy. The CIM offer a selection of digital marketing modules, from Digital Essentials to Digital Strategy, providing insight into how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into their strategic planning alongside their new CIM Digital Diploma which is the only QCF Level 6 digital diploma available in the UK. You can find more information about CIM's Digital Marketing courses here.  

What are your CIM course options?

The CIM courses offer a wide range of choice, there is a qualification for every level of experience and each course will add significant benefit to your career progression, skill sets, and knowledge.

There are 5 Levels of CIM courses to choose from and each is aimed at a specific marketing professional in terms of experience and previous marketing related education. We have listed these here and if you follow the link through to the respected page for each you will find a lot more information that is specific to the level:

Not sure what Professional Qualification is right for you? Try out our quick and easy Entry Level Assessment to see which Level is best for you.

How do we fit into the picture?

The Professional Academy is an accredited study centre offering CIM courses. We tailor our teaching and support to match the learning outcomes based on the syllabus guides for each CIM course. We offer two distinct study options:

Blended Learning

This mode of study provides you with face to face tutor led workshops. You will benefit from our industry experienced tutors and will also benefit from finding out how other students in various sectors approach marketing related problems. Before and after the workshops you will continue your studies in your own time with full tutor support. This means that if you come across any problem areas in the syllabus and need some clarification or answers you will be able to contact your tutor to receive this.

Supported Self Study

This mode of study is especially popular with our international students. All your studying is done in your own time but you still benefit from the same level of tutor and study support as our blended learning student.

To find out more what you will receive when you enroll for one of the CIM courses with us, please visit our Delegate experience pages as well as the individual CIM course pages.


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