Digital Study Methods

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Digital Marketing Study Methods

Complete Premium Learning Packages include:

  • all study material - including study guide and book pack
  • online resources
  • a tutor-led two-day workshop (or equivalent) for each module
  • personal adviser
  • tutor support
  • tutor feedback on assessments
  • Pass Guarantee
  • Two years support

During the workshops you are taught alongside other students enabling a more interactive approach to your learning. We have found that students benefit greatly from attending these workshops which allow the opportunity to learn face to face, discuss and debate topics and experiences with the tutor and other participants. You will also cover the syllabus topics preparing you for the formal assessment.

Qualification Number of modules Total number of workshop days
Diploma in Digital Marketing 3 6
Diploma in Mobile Marketing 3 6
Diploma in Digital Metrics & Analytics 3 6
Diploma in Digital Media & Branding 3 6
Diploma in Marketing Communications 5 10

Distance Learning (LITE) Package

It is possible to study the CAM qualifications without attending the tutor led workshops (distance learning), because as part of your learning package you would still receive all the necessary tutor support, course materials and online resources.  

What you will receive as part of your Lite Learning Package:

  • Study material - including handbook and module study guides
  • Online resources
  • Dedicated student support team
  • Personal tutor support
  • Tutor feedback on assessments
  • 100% Pass Guarantee
  • Two years support
  • Examiner Reports
  • Past Papers/Assignments
  • eBooks