Would you like to help your sales training get even better results?

Would you like to help your sales training get even better results?

Introducing remap.co.uk

A recommendation from Martin Hutchins

Those of you who know me are all too aware that I have dedicated a fair proportion of my professional career to developing sales people’s skill and knowledge sets, as well as trying to help them adopt the right mindset and enjoy the job. As part of that ongoing commitment to help sales people excel, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some insight into a whole new area of professional sales development that I recently came across. 

I firmly believe that the unique work a company called ReMap are doing across many different sales sectors could help most of us identify and overcome those final hidden barriers that we, as trained and able sales people, face daily which prevent us from reaching our full potential.....want to know more?

ReMap use an on-line profiling tool called the ‘Sales Preference Questionnaire’, which concentrates on accurately identifying a sales person’s real emotional propensity for selling..... which is a very different thing to their overall attitude or personality.....as ReMap explained to me there are very few sales people who really don’t want to be successful ......however having profiled over 5500 sales people in the UK alone, ReMap can confirm that in reality there are thousands of sales people out there who don’t feel as bold, confident or engaged as either they, or you, might want them to be when they are selling.

Their profiling uncovers over 20 different key areas of data which combine to provide a comprehensive MOT of what is going on internally for a sales person and, clearly, I can’t share them all here.  So I’ve chosen 2 examples that I found really powerful, having seen them live and understanding the impact they had:

  • The disconnect between knowing logically what you should do to succeed in sales and what you are actually able / prepared to do because of your sales related emotional discomfort.

  • Why many sales people who have great access, who can build strong relationships and provide excellent customer service, still give away their profit margins or fail to close.

We are teaming up with ReMap because not only can they find out what is getting in the way of a sales person maximising their performance, but they can also fix the issues within just 4 weeks in most cases......... and for the Financial Directors reading this don’t worry, ReMap always evaluate their interventions and can provide long term independent proof that their Development Programme’s ROI has paid for the training and much more!  For example Ian Styles, the MD of Axminster Tool Centre, has worked out that for every £1000 he invested in developing his Key Account Managers he got £28000 back!

I’m excited, as I see ReMap helping to get sales people using all the training they have already been given already to much better effect, as well as being able to embrace any future development by feeling much more confident and willing to trying new things.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn, send me an email or drop me a call the office today to talk to me personally to discuss this in more details.