Why should you be excited about the new CIM Certificate and Diploma in Professional Marketing?

Why should you be excited about the new CIM Certificate and Diploma in Professional Marketing?

New CIM Syllabus now Available at Professional Academy


As of this Monday (July 7th) we have started to roll out the new CIM qualification syllabus at Professional Academy. Now usually we don’t make such a song and dance about a syllabus change but this recent overhaul of the Certificate & Diploma levels for CIM is so dramatic it is rather exciting.

Over the past year CIM have been consulting with study centres (such as ourselves), tutors and most importantly students (both past and present) to find out what people want from a marketing qualification, what has been beneficial from previous qualifications and what they had potentially been lacking.

The result was the first major change to the CIM level 4 & Level 6 Qualifications since 2009 and as we all know a lot can change in 5 years, especially when it comes to the often complex world of marketing and keeping up with an increasingly tech savvy customer base.


So what are the major changes?

Firstly the CIM have changed the structure of the qualifications so each level includes two mandatory modules and an elective module (for details on these scroll down a little further). Shortening the length of the qualification to two larger modules and a specialist elective module allows the courses to run with more choice and flexibility, helping the qualification fit nicely around your working commitments.

The CIM have also incorporated Digital Marketing into both levels for the first time. There is now a Digital Marketing elective at Level 4 and Digital Strategy elective at Level 6. The incorporation of Digital in the Marketing syllabus is an acknowledgement that Digital Marketing is an integral part of all marketers’ roles and all working marketers should understand the digital platforms available to them and how to effectively use them.


What do the new levels look like?

First of all there have been name changes at both levels. Level 4 is now the Certificate in Professional Marketing and Level 6 will now be the Diploma in Professional Marketing.

The CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing

The Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing has been created with those relatively new to Marketing in mind, whether you are a junior marketer, someone looking to get into marketing post university or maybe you have moved from sales into a marketing role in your company and want to understand the theories and tools used by marketers to progress in your new career path.

For an in-depth breakdown of each module level you can head to the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing page to find out more.

The CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing

The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing has been designed for practising marketers with relevant, contemporary marketing content to equip them for the current global landscape. Ideal for Marketing Managers the new syllabus puts Strategy and Metrics to the forefront of the qualification including a brand new Digital Strategy module.  This is the first time Digital Marketing has been taught at this level. 

For an in-depth breakdown of each module head to the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing page to find out more.


When can you start?

If the new syllabus has really wetted your appetite we will be running our first workshops this September. CIM students currently studying can also switch to the new CIM syllabus if they feel it is more appropriate to them. If you would like to switch to the new syllabus and you are currently studying with Professional Academy you can do so by contacting Student Support today.

If you would like to start on the new syllabus and be ahead of the game, we are currently enrolling new students on the respective courses now. If you would like more information you can contact us today, or alternatively you can find more information by downloading our new Marketing Prospectus.  You can also find specific course information on our Marketing Courses page or you can check out the CIM’s helpful little video below.