Time to finish your old CIM Syllabus Modules - The end is near!

Time to finish your old CIM Syllabus Modules - The end is near!

By Paul Owens, Professional Academy Sales & Admissions Coordinator. 

Towards the latter part of last year, the CIM updated the Certificate Level 4 and the Diploma Level 6 marketing qualifications in line with current Marketing trends and practices – one of the biggest additions has been the inclusion of Digital Marketing theories and strategies, which, given the development of current, and future, Marketing techniques have become an increasingly vital element of any Marketer’s management of their respective internal and external marketing processes.

The end of the old CIM syllabus is nearCIM qualifications are still and have always been the benchmark for Marketing excellence and recognition worldwide, and this is withstanding for the previous syllabus before the recent update.  Given that there are still individuals currently studying the old syllabus who may not have completed the previous Level 4 or Level 6 programme, and still have modules to complete, we have recognised this and made provision for those people who want to complete their current qualification, as opposed to having a transition to the new 2014-15 syllabi.

For anyone wishing to complete the 2009 Level 4 or Level 6 syllabus, the final assessment board would be September this year.  Thereafter there would be no further opportunity to complete any assessments on the old syllabus.

We are giving people the opportunity to complete any remaining modules for the next assessment board (June) or the final assessment board (September) with us as your learning provider, even if you have not studied with us before, or are not currently studying with us. 

If you do have any modules to complete, and are interested in finishing your studies with us, please contact me today and I would be happy to go through our course options with you.