The results of our post-election confidence in training survey are in

The results of our post-election confidence in training survey are in

After last month’s election we put together a quick survey to help us measure public confidence towards training and development, both on a company and personal level – and we are happy to say the results were rather positive.

5 of the 10 questions we asked people from various sectors, ages, backgrounds, and career levels were focused specifically around personal and company confidence towards training. The headline results are below:

  • 64% felt secure or very secure in their current job role after the election results.
  • There was a 50/50 split between those who will be looking for a new role and those who will be staying in their current role in the next 18 months.
  • 86% were likely or very likely to start some form of personal development programme within the next 18 months (hopefully great news for us!)
  • 73% already had some form of qualification ranging from work-place Health and Safety training to post-graduate degrees.
  • 70% feel their company is likely or very likely to invest in training & development for their staff following the election results.  

Let’s look into these rather positive results in a little more detail.

64% of people being secure in their role may seem like a rather throw-away statistic but it actually tells us a lot about people’s feelings towards the economy. In a time of economic stability companies feel more confident, sales are coming in and people’s jobs are not in any particular danger. This is the perfect time for companies to invest in their employees with a view to retaining their key staff members also it is encouraging to know the majority of people feel comfortable in their job roles.

The 50/50 split between those who are looking at starting a new role and those looking to stay in their current role is also interesting considering the job security element. This suggests that some individual’s career aspirations may be ready to take them outside the company leading back to the need to training as a way of retraining those key members of your staff who may be considering leaving for new opportunities.

The extremely positive news for Professional Academy is that 86% of those asked anticipate undertaking personal development at some time during the next 18 months. Personal development is key to helping individuals and companies grow during a time of economic stability as the market will become more buoyant resulting in the creation and expansion of competitors. Being on top of your game as an individual, and as a company, is key continued growth and success - something that professional qualifications and training can help with.

Having 73% of those answering the survey already qualified (of whom most were considering additional qualifications) is a very positive sign for personal and professional learning development. It shows people have already seen how training can help them succeed in their job role, and appreciate how future qualifications will help them develop their career further.

The final interesting statistic is that 70% of companies are more than likely to invest in training in the next 18 months, suggesting not only confidence in the economy, but also acknowledging the benefits of training for their company and their employees. Professional Academy have been working in training and development for many years now and we can say that this is not always the case. Confidence in the economy can be shaken (as it was most recently in 2010) and that, in turn, can cause companies to scale back investment in training, which is not always the best idea but something we can understand.

Investing in staff training and development puts your company in a stronger place if the economy does hit a rocky patch again as your staff will be more loyal to the company for investing in their personal development. They will be better prepared to excel in their job role something, which very important in the fields of digital marketingsales, marketing, management and leadership.

So there are the result of the post-election ‘confidence in training’ survey. We hope you found the positive results as uplifting as we did. If you would like to share your thoughts on the results please feel free to tweet us via @ProfAcademy.

If you would like to learn more about training for yourself or for your company you can do so with our Personal Development and In-company training information pages or by contacting a representative using the chat function below.