The New CIM Re-Brand: Is it just a logo change?

The New CIM Re-Brand: Is it just a logo change?

Sky News style YouTube videos, selfies, blue logos, hashtags and hackathons – it’s all changed a fair bit at the CIM as of Monday but "what is the point of it all?" I hear you ask! Why so much fuss over a new blue colour scheme and a new logo?

Well first off it’s about a little more than a logo change. Anyone who has worked in Marketing for a long time knows how big a logo change is – usually it signifies something much better, a change of brand, a change of identity and a change of thinking for which this CIM Re-Brand is now different.

The CIM Logo Change

So let’s talk about the new logo.

Yes the CIM have switched from red to blue (we are a bit partial to blue as you have probably noticed) and they have also gone for a clear cut, minimalist look which is both retro and futuristic but design can be like that sometimes. We mention the logo first because it is the first thing people notice and the first thing people usually criticise. Design is objective after all and as such we do not want to dwell on this aspect and move towards the deeper meaning of the re-brand.


CIM Syllabus Changes.

As you may well know (and may even be on the study pathway for) the CIM launched new Foundation, Certificate and Diploma syllabi over the past few months with a shift in focus towards digital and customer centric marketing as well as a deeper focus on strategy at diploma level. This was great news for Marketing as it updated thinking and gave us all a shake-up in regards to what marketers were being assessed on versus what was actually being done on a day to day basis in Marketing.

This syllabus change was an insight into the CIM’s change in thinking and desire to bring the CIM not only up to date with the needs of Marketers but to also start thinking about the future.


Marketing 2025.

Future focus brings us nicely to discussing 3 of the big ideas coming out of the CIM Re-brand. Starting off with Marketing 2025 for which you may have seen the hashtag #marketing2025 all over Twitter on Monday.

Marketing 2025

So what is Marketing 2025?

Marketing 2025 is a crowd sourced conversation on the future of Marketing over the next ten years. The CIM has rightly acknowledged in the past 10 years Marketing has developed in ways they, nor we, could have predicted. If you spoke to a Marketer in 2004/5 about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, crowdfunding, hashtags, content/native advertising or SEO you would have received a very blank look simply because these things did not exist and even when launched it took a long time to recognise the capabilities and best practices of these new tools. There were a lot of mistakes made in the early days of the social web, a lot of naysayers and a lot of businesses who adapted too slowly eventually collapsing. Marketing 2025 looks to prepare Marketers better for the future.

For those who aren’t aware of crowd sourcing this where a large volume of people contribute a little or a lot to a project they believe in, to become an active part of it. The best example being KickStarter - a crowdfunding site which has funded movies, businesses, technology development and potato salad (find out more about the potato salad here!). Truly social and truly interactive it is a bold move from CIM because crowd sourcing can be a double edged sword but also creates the opportunity for new ideas and new thinking in the world of Marketing.

CIM Hackathon

The CIM Hackathon

This isn’t quite as it may seem name wise for those of us who have been around the block a few times. Hacking is no longer only associated with those who break into websites/computers/databases and mess about with them. A hack nowadays can also be a tip to make your life easier. If you head to a site such as BuzzFeed you will see several articles called “24 simple life hacks for Neat Freaks/Students/New Mums/Young Couples/Moving into a new house etc etc”

In this context the CIM are inviting you to register and starting with the CIM AGM on the 19th of January to join the conversation. In the words of the CIM themselves:

“Based on the principle of open innovation, we will invite marketers everywhere to contribute their ideas online about the future of marketing, what marketers will be facing between now and 2025, and to generate ideas and come up with practical solutions.”

We would advise you to register today - after all it is free and all are invited to the conversation so we look forward to seeing the grassroots marketing innovations coming to the forefront in January.

CIM Future Focus Events

Future Focus Events.

The conversation is not only online - the CIM also want to meet you face to face and hear your thoughts on the future of Marketing at their Future Focus events. 

These events ran throughout November & December and aim to gather the brightest and most enthusiastic marketers from each region together to talk about the next 10 years of Marketing. So if you had spotted something the CIM haven’t or have been working with a tool or process that the CIM may have never heard of then this was your chance to talk about it with your peers and the CIM in one place.


So it’s about more than just a logo then?

Yes it is – so next time you look at the CIM logo and think “why did they do that?!” remember there are a lot of reason but you should take comfort in the fact the CIM are looking forward to the future of Marketing not just on their own but with your help as well.


If you would like to study with the CIM you can do so with the Professional Academy. You can find more information about the CIM Marketing Qualifications and courses here. Alternatively you can contact a qualification advisor or download a CIM Marketing prospectus today