Stating the obvious by George is becoming a common theme for this chancellor

Stating the obvious by George is becoming a common theme for this chancellor

Guest blog by Productivity and Growth expert, Tim Scott

Financial markets are turbulent. Productivity growth across the west is too low. And the outlook for the global economy is weak. It makes for a dangerous cocktail of risks. But one that Britain is well prepared to handle, if we act now so we don’t pay later.

But as a business leaders how well are you prepared to meet your productivity and growth aspirations and how can you get a good night sleep in a turbulent economy.

Knowing how you are doing and the decision your making compared to others helps with understanding, stimulates thought or just gives reassurance that you are on track. Networking or taking part in benchmarking surveys which gives a “State of the Nation” relevant to you is an effective feedback technique to sustain your strategy.

Knowing the trends of financial performance, investment strategies by industry sector and business size gives leaders metrics to check their own performance and identify or confirm gaps that need to be closed. Once identified, then actions can be taken to deliver value to your customers rather than worry about things outside your control.

At the Academy we are inviting businesses nationwide to take part in a 10 minute on line survey to benchmark current activities with the goal to share this back to participants to check how well they are prepared for the future. Of course all details of individual answers will be kept confidential. If you would like to take part contact

Our goal is to share

  • What metrics people use to measure performance
  • How different organisations are approaching the future
  • Give understanding by business type how they feel they are meeting objectives
  • Insight to investment into capital and people development.
  • What are organisational purpose, culture and investment priorities?
  • Topics that stimulate action to improve performance

With this information it give clues how businesses are preparing to handle the uncertain outlook and the key strategies and tactics to excel in the next three years.

I look to forward to sharing the results with you and the discussions they will raise at seminar in May.

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