Starting my CIM Marketing Journey - Dave Thackeray's Guest Blog - part 1

Starting my CIM Marketing Journey - Dave Thackeray's Guest Blog - part 1

The Journey of a CIM marketing Student

Strategic Marketing just arrived. It's the first book needed on my journey to becoming a diploma-waving graduate of the CIM's new Professional Marketing course.

I can barely lift up this book, let alone digest it just now. When you get books like this, the temptation is just to flick through and hope that photographic memory you never had, kicks in.

But that's the old me. I hated school. Loathed everything about studying. But then my 30s kicked in and I developed a little more patience. I didn't do anything about it, but I am now. I've decided to reboot my career amid all the confusion and panic around me as to what's around the corner. No one truly knows how industry will evolve but technology will inevitably play a huge role and I don't want to be left behind.

A little about me. I started out as a journalist, then editor, before dabbling in digital marketing at a global hotel company and leaving to start a new life in Australia. Where I lasted precisely two weeks (another time). Came home, started my own business, wrote a book on what I'd learned, then transferred my skills to a charity up here in the north.

Which is where things stand. After a year and a bit, I decided that my job as web and social media officer won't be around forever and launched this mission to retool and widen my knowledge.

This Strategic Marketing book, staring at me and goading me to find my feet within, has already demonstrated I have a lot to learn. And that's just by reading the back cover.

Marketing is huge. Underappreciated as a business discipline by many, it really is the difference between the failure and success of an organisation.

I've signed up for these three components:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Driving Innovation
  • Mastering Metrics

I chose against Digital Marketing because I need everything else more. A holistic view of how marketing can affect and influence everything we do as important and influential players in our respective organisations.

As owner of the full-fat Premium package I'll be attending the weekend workshops for each of these components. Neat touch, Professional Academy, having one of the workshop days on a weekend. My boss thanks you very much for not dragging me away.

This might be the start of something. Further down the line, I may go for some letters after my name - really take this CIM thing to the next level.

Right now I already feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew but I've set myself goals for the coming year. Today I turned 40. By 41, I want this baby to be mine.

Dave Thackery - The Journey of a CIM StudentFormer journalist, editor and company owner Dave is now the web and social media officer at WLCT, a charity operating leisure services for councils. After years making his way through the marketing maze he decided to go back to basics and learn how to do it properly with Professional Academy and CIM. Follow his progress on this blog and feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter to ask about his experiences. 

If you would like to Join Dave on a CIM Marketing Qualification Course you can contact Professional Academy for some advice or Download a copy of the Marketing Prospectus today.