Reflecting on your 2016 - Personal Development Advice

Reflecting on your 2016 - Personal Development Advice

Written by Professional Academy Management & Leadership Tutor, Kathryn Knights

As we head towards the end of the year we often reflect on the past 12 months – thinking about what we have and haven’t achieved. But because our brains are built with a negativity bias we tend to focus more on the negative things and forget all the positive things. We remember the task list we didn’t finish, the project that didn’t go to plan and the client business we didn’t win. It’s time to redress the balance.

Start to focus intentionally on the positives. This will help to broaden your mind and improve your ability to see more and think better. By writing down everything that went well you will discover a completely different perspective on your year.

Here some questions to help you think more positively and discover that this year was your best yet.

1) What were your biggest accomplishments?

It’s easy for the great things you’ve achieved to get lost amongst the things that didn’t go so well. So rewind your year and dig deep to pull out the good nuggets small and large. Write them down and look at your list. Not bad, hey?

2) What great people have you met?

Think about the people you have met who have enhanced your world and made you feel good – just by being with them. Maybe you met a new colleague at work, connected with someone on holiday or found a whole handful of people at your local running club? These people have improved your network and brought value to your world. Make sure you connect with them in the coming year.

3) What were your most enjoyable experiences?

What has made you laugh? What made you happy? Write down as many things as you can think of. See if you can identify a pattern or trend e.g. were the things that made you happy the ones that involved other people or maybe they all involved taking a risk that paid off. Ask yourself what you can do next year to have similar experiences that make you feel good.

4) What has got better?

In what ways did you grow and evolve this year? What new skills, knowledge, habits and routines did you introduce or develop?

5) What were you grateful for?

Being grateful is a practice you should follow each day as it fuels positive emotions and promotes well-being. Reflect and write down everything you have been grateful for this year. Consider all areas of your life (career, family, friends and health). You will probably discover that it’s some of the simplest things that you are most grateful for, like spending time with your family.

6) What do you need to let go of?

Sometimes ‘old stuff’ gets in the way and stops us from making progress. Take time to let go of anything that stands in your way of being a better version of you. Perhaps it’s clearing out your house or letting go of an old goal that wasn’t really very meaningful to you? If something isn’t bringing joy to your world then it’s probably time to get rid of it. What can you let go of next year?

Use all the positives you have identified as the basis to create your goals and action plan for the next 12 months. By doing the exercise above you should be able to easily identify what motivates you and how you can create those same conditions again for next year. Good luck and don’t forget: you cannot give your best until you have invested time in yourself first.

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