Professional Academy Now in Bahrain

Professional Academy Now in Bahrain

WTDI HR Seminar Bahrain 2015

In the first of a series of planned international partnerships, Professional Academy announced its presence in Bahrain last week at the launch of a Bahrain governmental initiative. Professional Academy’s presence in the country, thanks to distributor WTDI, will enable Bahrain’s national training body to roll out an initiative supported by the Ministry of Labour, supporting the recruitment and training of Bahraini nationals in Bahrain.

Professional Academy and WTDIAli Asfour, director of the Bahraini Centre for Training & Development, welcoming Professional Academy to a forum at which the national training initiative was launched said:  “The Ministry of Labour’s participation in this Forum reflects the government’s intention and commitment to encourage Bahraini organisations to take advantage of the national initiatives that are in place to support the recruitment and training of Bahrainis. The turnout of a large number of companies and institutions in various business sectors, in turn, reflects the interest in these initiatives.”


Martin Speaks at the WTDI Conference Bahrain Martin Hutchins, Managing Director of Professional Academy, spoke at the forum of the new approach to human resources management in Bahrain, focussing on skills competencies and the use of best practices in strategic planning for the management of training. He gave specific examples of how this will lead to increases in efficiency and productivity, and of how the training programmes Professional Academy delivers will help.

“We are delighted to be working with WTDI as our new distribution partner in Bahrain. This relationship further enhances our reputation as a leading global provider of CIM, CAM, CMI and ISMM in-company training and development services. With a presence, so far, in the channel islands, Egypt and the middle east, we are actively looking for partners in other countries,” concludes Hutchins.

If you are interested in partnering with Professional Academy please contact Martin on +44 844 800 5256 or


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