Post-Election Confidence in Training & Development Survey

Post-Election Confidence in Training & Development Survey

By Michael O'Flynn, Sales & Marketing Manager - Professional Academy. 

After any major political event there is always a level of uncertainty in regards to consumer confidence, economic confidence, even confidence in your country. This certainly seems to be the case after the recent general election which delivered an opinion poll defying majority to the conservative party.

There has been uncertainty around the public sector, austerity, Scotland, and the economy in general as well as protests across London and other UK cities - all in the space of the first post-election weekend.

The reason I decided to create this blog was to gauge some opinion about the straight-off-the-bat post-election confidence of the people we interact with in regards to training and development.

In all forms of marketing we need to take into account the macro-environment including politics as it directly effects any business in regards to consumer confidence. So much so that Politics is the first letter in PESTEL Analysis, an important tool for marketers and businesses at all levels.

One of the ways you can gauge opinion on things like this is to conduct a survey of your customer base and ask the question straight: “how are you feeling in regards to [your product] after [major event]” taking in to consideration any potential emotions that may be caused by an event. It would be wrong to ask consumers how they feel about your product after a natural disaster or high-profile catastrophe for example, but an election is just fine.

So we are inviting you to let us know your feelings towards training and development for both yourself and your company following the recent UK elections.

The survey is anonymous, unless you would like the chance to win some Amazon vouchers, and we would really appreciate you taking the time to answer these 9 quick-fire questions to help us gauge sentiment towards training and development throughout the UK.

You can find the survey below as well as on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages - Please feel free to share it with your network of friends or colleagues.

We look forward to hearing your responses and appreciate your time and effort.   


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