New Intensive Workout Weekend Workshops from Professional Academy

New Intensive Workout Weekend Workshops from Professional Academy

At Professional Academy we are always looking for ways to support the needs of Professionals and their continued personal development but we understand that it is sometimes hard to fit all of the elements you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst working on your desired Professional Qualification in Marketing, Management, Digital Marketing or Sales. With this in mind Professional Academy are combining all of the best elements of Professional Qualifications and Personal Training in to one excellent intensive workout weekend workshop package!

Please see the below flyer for more details!

The next stage in Professional Qualification Training from Professional Academy


As it has passed 12 midday GMT we only feel it is fair to say to everyone who didn't already guess that this was an april fools joke. That being said we did take a few phone calls from interested parties so maybe it is time we convert one of our study centres to a gym & study facility. Watch this space!

For thos interested in Professional Qualifications without the Personal Training you can still sign up for our excellent courses in Marketing, Management, Sales & Digital Marketing and you can download the relevent prospectuses here.