New Google Patent Heralds Need for Authentic Content

New Google Patent Heralds Need for Authentic Content

An insightful post about email marketing and SEO in SearchEngineWatch last week got the cogs in our heads here at Professional Academy turning. As SEO specialist Charlotte Britton of Leeds based internet and social media consultancy Optimum Exposure points out, news of a new patent from Google means that that there will no longer be any shortcuts to achieving rankings in search engines. Delivering high quality content to an engaged audience, whatever the channel, is going to be even more vital to your ranking.   

Avoid Spam EmailWe asked both Charlotte and John Chacksfield, Professional Academy tutor and founder of the Worcester based digital strategy agency Sharpmonkeys, what high quality content will look like in this new era.

“Before answering what high quality content will look like, it’s important to understand what Google’s new patent means,” advises Charlotte.

“It’s around ‘Email spam and junk mail as a vendor reliability sign.’ What this means is that Google can detect via Gmail which of your emails are getting marked as spam, or getting clicked on and then unsubscribed from, and can then feed this information into its SEO rankings algorithms.

“It means that Google is joining the real world with the online world, so high quality, unique content is growing in importance. It's down to creating a content plan, and thinking about what information your audience need to move through the sales funnel, to make a purchase from you. There are many styles of content to write: FAQs, interviews with industry people or customers, SAQs (should ask questions!), industry insights, research, technical blogs, white papers, case studies, success stories and short (or long) inspirational lists and tips. Investing time into researching an article is well worth the investment. Writing the right content for the right reason (matching content type to its use in the sales funnel) is also vital. Getting these two things right will pay dividends in terms of gaining inbound links."

Keep Google Panda HappySharpmonkey’s recent blog describing how Google defines quality content, also concludes that it’s increasingly going to be about writing for humans and not machines. Sharpmonkey founder and Professional Academy tutor John Chacksfield believes that this latest Google patent accelerates the need for authentic content, especially when it comes to email campaigns, advising:

"Using email campaigns as part of the RACE (research, analysis, communication and evaluation) model now sits hand in hand with SEO. The content you publish and share is already getting scrutinised by Google for authenticity and relevance. With this new development Google is really trying to stop the influx of spam and junk mail contributing to prolific sharing of content, that frankly, is not that good. You should now start thinking of harmonising quality email campaigns as part of your content marketing strategy."

There’s more about how to create the right online content for your business here, but please be sure to keep on coming back as we’ve a series of future posts planned around how to create compelling content for each part of your sales funnel.

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