Manchester Study Centre Open

Manchester Study Centre Open

Business professionals in the Manchester area will soon be able to gain marketing qualifications through the highly-acclaimed The Professional Academy.

With its exceptional student support and study options, The Professional Academy students continuously achieve pass rates well over 80% in a range of qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the CAM Foundation. Most recently they have achieved 100% pass rate for the Emerging Themes and Analysis and Decision modules which form part of a very challenging Postgraduate marketing diploma.

Looking forward to the Manchester launch in April, The Professional Academy ‘s managing director – Martin Hutchins said: “We are very excited to be offering courses in the Manchester area – which is fast-becoming a hub for creative industries such as marketing and media. These in turn attract other types of business.

“The CIM qualifications are becoming an essential item to have on your CV with many employers now preferring this above even university degrees. This is due to the practical nature of these qualifications and the CIM’s continuous efforts to keep the syllabus current and applicable to the real business world.”

The Professional Academy will also provide the opportunity for sales professionals to gain an industry-recognised qualification from the only UK sales institute – the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM). The Professional Academy has helped many companies improve their sales team knowledge and experience both in the UK and abroad; Gulf Air being one of the most recent companies coming on board.