Long Road Six Form College – Mock interviews

Long Road Six Form College – Mock interviews

I recently attended a local college, Long Road Sixth Form College in a somewhat professional advisory capacity!

Long Road Sixth Form CollegeI had been asked to give a talk recently at the college on communication, presentation and interview techniques – something that myself and other experienced working professionals take for granted that students 16+ felt was necessary to them as they take that first step into the real world.  This encompassed not only job interviews, but also university interviews and how to present themselves effectively and communicate well; face to face direct skills that can become overlooked especially given the rise of social media and communication via digital and online platforms.  This type of “real life skills coaching” was something that was severely lacking when I was at school, thereafter going into the real world somewhat unprepared and I am pleased to see this appears to be the standard within education these days.

Following on from this highly appreciated and successful session, I was then asked back to elaborate more on the interview skills in particular this time.  I was one of a few companies asked to give mock interviews to three business studies students, who, as part of their course, were also studying sales and marketing.
The students were given a brief from which they would formulate a short presentation; in this instance it was a presentation about Long Road Sixth Form college itself, which i found genuinely interesting anyway as what better way to get an realistic insight into the College than from the students themselves?  They were also give a mock job description, which was the role of a Marketing Assistant for a company we were working on behalf of.

All three students who I interviewed were all male and it was very clear immediately that they all possessed, in different ways, a definite aptitude for sales, and how this correlated directly with Marketing.  I had selected a broad choice of questions – not too harsh, but challenging enough and realistic – based on genuine questions I had been asked myself, questions I had used when I had been a former employer (in previous management roles) and standard probing interview questions designed to put them in a mindset that they had not considered before.

All the students responded very well to the questions; were all highly articulate, well mannered, polite, smart and communicative.  I found the experience interesting as I was able to engage with them on a professional level that they were comfortable with, but also enough to make them think by way of demonstrating real life scenarios.  In some ways, each of the young men displayed facets of my own personality from when I was new to the business world, and I was able to tailor advice and constructive criticism to each indvidual effectively.  The enthusiasm from each of them was very apparent, and along with their tutor, they all appeared to thoroughly appreciate and enjoy this excercise and the feedback I gave throughout and afterwards.  To receive a thank you card from them last week was unexpected and a nice surprise also and indicated that this whole experience was a worthwhile, effective and useful one and I was genuinely pleased that I was able to give all three of them something that would be of definite use to them in the future.