Introducing the new CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

Introducing the new CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

Written by Professional Academy Marketing Director Michael O'Flynn

The CIM are an ever-evolving institute. We saw this with the launch of the marketing leadership programme at the start of 2017 along with the integration of digital marketing to core qualifications in 2014/15, but the latest qualification is a big step for the CIM and a huge opportunity for marketers looking for a digital marketing qualification.

After consultation with businesses, experts, academics and consultants, the CIM have launched the Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6). The CIM’s first diploma to focus purely on digital marketing. 

What is the CIM Digital Diploma?

The Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing is a strategic-led digital marketing qualification and is the only digital marketing qualification in the UK to be recognised at QCF level 6 – making it the highest-recognised digital marketing qualification in the UK.

Not only that, but it takes on digital marketing in a way that no other qualification has done before, by putting digital strategy first. Focusing on improving the digital experience of an organisations online audience as well as helping individuals to not only understand but master the digital channels, identifying what works right now but also what is on the digital horizon that could benefit a company, nurturing a marketer’s spirit for innovation.

Why was the Digital Diploma created?

The CIM, and various other, organisations, recognised a digital skills gap at a strategic level that there was no recognised strategic qualification for. There were plenty of qualifications focusing on digital marketing tools and implementation at a tactical level, but nothing that looked at the higher level of digital marketing strategy, a qualification that would not only guide the digital actions of a business but invest in the digital outlook of a business, what is the digital direction for a company and how can digital marketing increase conversion, engagement and understanding of your customer.

The CIM and those who consulted on the qualification had that mind set from day 1 and as such were able to tailor build a qualification for those looking to push their knowledge of digital marketing to the next level.

What does the new Digital Diploma mean for me?

The Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing expands your options as a strategic marketer. If you are solely focused on strategic digital marketing there is now a CIM qualification for you. Alternatively, if you are a strategically focused marketing manager who would like to develop a cross sectioned, onmi-channel marketing knowledge base this could be the additional qualification for you.

CIM Level 6 Pathway Options

There is also an added bonus for those who have already completed the Diploma in Professional Marketing with the CIM, in that they will be able to complete the Digital Diploma with just 2 modules, if they have already completed the Digital Strategy module with a previous qualification – making the qualification not only a great skills booster but also ideal for adding an additional recognised qualification to your CV.

How do I get started with the Digital Diploma?

The first thing to do would be to contact a qualification advisor and ask any questions you may have about the Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing, you can do this via our contact section, web chat or calling 01223 365 505 and one of our qualification team would be more than happy to help. Then you can apply for the course doing Workshops or Online e-Learning.

If you would like further information on the qualification you can find details on either Professional Academy's CIM qualification pages or directly from the CIM via their Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing information page