How do I create the right online content for my business?

How do I create the right online content for my business?

Written by Michael O'Flynn - Professional Academy Sales & Marketing Manager

Content or Inbound Marketing is a key digital marketing strategy especially as latest Google updates not only look for key words or urls but quality content related to more conversational questioning such as “what is…?” or “how do I…?”.

As such your company should be thinking about the content that people would be searching for, and how you could be helping them find it, in turn helping them to find you and eventually becoming a new customer for your business. Alternatively turning a current customer in to one that is constantly engaged and loyal to your business.

So gone are the days of key word stuffing and institutes such as the CAM Foundation have stated multiple times the importance of content marketing. So how do you become a part of this and how do you create the right content for your business?

First of all anyone and any business can create engaging and interesting content!

One of the things I hear the most when it comes to content is “My business doesn’t do anything that would interest people online” which as I tell people is nonsense. If you have a product or service to sell, you will also have some expertise or something you are really passionate about, other people will want to hear this expertise or share your passion otherwise you would never sell your product or service.

For example if you were an electrical goods supplier instead of writing about your products why not write some advice articles along the lines of “How to change a plug head” or “How to avoid dangerous electrical DIY mistakes”. These will provide more impact on the SEO side of your business as well as adding a more human side to your businesses online presence.

To create the content, first you must know your audience. Creating an online persona

This is an obvious statement but one that is often over looked. All businesses should know their customer base but what are their personas? What would they be most interested in? What is the right tone for the conversation or content?

Once you create your audience content personas the other two should fall in to place so it is worth investing the time into creating the right personas and really thinking about who you are trying to talk to.

Luckily if you are new to the world of online personas hubspot have a handy free tool to help. I never mind recommending a free tool especially as it is also a great example of engaging content for their potential audience.

Once you have your customer personas you will be able to think “Ok I am writing this for Management Martin” for example “what would he like to read and how would I talk to him if we were in person?” this will help you to make your content more relevant and engaging.

The next step is to find your audience

So your new content is up on your website and Google should be finding it on its next sweep of the site but how else can you get it out to your potential audience?

As you now know your customers personas you should have some idea of which platforms and mediums appeal to them. Some personas will be more open to visual mediums (such as video or pictures), text articles or audio blogs.

As such you can tailor your delivery and promote it on the platform that best highlights the medium such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc the persona (and some of your own background knowledge/research) will give you the insight you will need to make the right decision on this.

Publish, Review, Rinse, Repeat… Publish, review, rinse, repeat

With all content you’re not going to know if you’ve got it right unless you actually publish the content and put it out there.

Once it’s out there keep an eye on the numbers but don’t take them to heart, things will take time to grow (this is where sharing them across the right platforms will help) you will need to keep posting regular content. Create a publishing and sharing schedule that fits your business, we would suggest a new piece of content once a month at the very least but aim for once a week. With sharing you can use a tool such as hootsuite or buffer to keep twitter up to date but don’t use this as your only medium make sure you get a post a day to the sites key to your business.

The joy of content marketing is it is low risk and high reward so don’t give up after the first couple of pieces you publish just keep building and learn and eventually you will see the impact you are looking for.

Always have a clear call to action!

Content Marketing shouldn’t be used as a pure vanity project, each piece of content should have a clear call to action motivating your new audience to engage in your product. Speaking of which…

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