How Decluttering can Help you Move Forward in Life

How Decluttering can Help you Move Forward in Life

Written by Professional Academy's Contracts Manager Jill Towner

It has long been acknowledged that decluttering on a regular basis is good for you. From a health perspective, it encourages you to put things into order and create a harmonious environment which leads to a calm frame of mind.

What is decluttering

What is decluttering?

From a practical point of view, it means you are not having to search through piles of out-of-date paperwork for a copy of that one important document, or open a cupboard only to be knocked back by the avalanche of rarely used articles (which you, inevitably, then try and fit back into the same space … which is odd as it was obviously too small in the first instance). But it also has other benefits – less physical and emotional stress for a start. No more navigating around in a cluttered space, dodging towering heaps of boxes or searching on top of wardrobes and under beds for that elusive pair of trainers. So much time wasted – and so unnecessarily.

Why declutter?

Decluttering will also help you focus on those things you want to do. Clear the bookshelf, coffee table and cupboards of books and materials that you really won’t use – those impulse purchases detailing pursuits you would follow if only you had time: ‘Competitive Dog Grooming’, ‘Soap Carving for Beginners’, ‘Creative Coat racks’. Things are only of value if you want them.  However, they may be of value to someone else so check out whether you can recycle them.  It may be that you keep hold of some things, but at least the process of decluttering will help you reorganise what you decide to keep.

How will I feel after decluttering?

Once you have decluttered and reorganised, reminders which evoke guilt for projects not started (or started and not finished) will disappear. Reminders of money and effort wasted – albeit with the best intentions. Having created space in your home or office, and in your mind, you will enjoy a burst of satisfaction and energy.

How to avoid recluttering

Moving forward, take some time to think about where you are, and where you want to be – and how to get there. A Personal Development Plan will help and can be applied to both professional and personal ambition. Think about your work: life balance and how it can be improved, if it needs improvement. Think about how you can achieve your career progression in a realistic and achievable way. And think about how to reach your goals – without recluttering! (‘clutter’ being items that don’t add value to your life).

If you are thinking about undertaking professional development, many programmes are accessible online with elearning materials – so you can choose not to have hard copies of texts if you prefer not to. 

Here at Professional Academy we offer both electronic and printed copies of learning material and the chance to undertake a professional qualification within a timeframe that suits you. Takes a look at our qualifications in SalesMarketingManagement and Digital Marketing or speak to a qualifications advisor today for more help on Personal Development. We offer support throughout, and encourage you to focus on completing your selected programme within a time frame which suits you. So, with no unnecessary physical clutter, and a clear beginning and end to your studies – we really do help you practice what we preach.