Helping to build a solid foundation in Marketing with the CIM

Helping to build a solid foundation in Marketing with the CIM

Stand the test of time in Marketing with a Solid Foundation

You may be aware that there have been some significant changes to the CIM syllabus recently across the Level 4 Certificate and Level 6 Diploma qualifications which have been well received by the latest student cohort, and with the first round of workshops just around the corner we expect to be hearing more from some happy students very soon.

The CIM have now turned their attention to the Introductory level of marketing qualifications by revamping the Introductory certificate and creating the Foundation Certificate in Marketing. 

The changes at the Level 3 introduction to marketing level are not quite as drastic as those at level 4 & level 6 but there are some rather significant changes which will help those wanting to pursue a career in marketing achieve the best possible start on their marketing journey.


So what is different about the Foundation level?


Firstly the modular approach from CIM continues

Flexibility has been key to the new CIM qualification approach with modules being offered at award level as well as a complete qualification. The Foundation qualification looks as follows:

The CIM Foundation Certificate Breakdown

This could allow someone to complete the qualification over 6 months or 2 years module by module at a pace that suits you and your lifestyle best. Flexibility has really been bought into the thinking of all the new CIM qualifications - something which has been a big plus for studying members so far.


Improved Depth of Qualification

Each of the new modules have 3 units all of which contain 2 key learning outcomes. These units and key learning outcomes have been specifically developed with building the strongest foundation for further development in the Marketing industry in mind.

For an in-depth look at each of the learning outcomes you can visit the Foundation Certificate Qualification details page.

In comparison to the previous qualification the focus has shifted to preparing marketers for a career in delivering marketing at a professional and pro-active level. With increased focus on applicable knowledge for use as a professional marketer, this means you should be able to walk into that interview for your first role in Marketing confident with your marketing knowledge.


An updated fresh perspective

With every syllabus update there is a long and well thought out construction process. Consultations are held with leading marketers and institutes (including Professional Academy) to discuss what is relevant to marketers today.

After the consultation and construction period the end product has become more robust and future relevant qualification which takes the tried and tested elements of Marketing Theory and applies modern marketing scenarios to the teaching.

So there we have it updates and changes you will find in the new CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing.


If you would like to join us to study the CIM Foundation Certificate in Marketing we will be accepting registrations officially from Monday October 6th. 

For more information you can contact a qualification advisor today or download a copy of the updated marketing prospectus for an overview of the CIM Marketing qualifications available via Professional Academy.