Finishing your CIM 2009 Syllabus modules - What are your options?

Finishing your CIM 2009 Syllabus modules - What are your options?

Written by Professional Academy Sales & Admissions Coordinator, Paul Owens.

Like many people you may have completed one or two of the old 2009 CIM Marketing Syllabus modules but still have some to complete before the final assessment submission deadline this September, as such Paul has looked into the options available to you whether you would like to complete before the deadline or move to the new 2014/15 CIM syllabus.

You may or may not be aware that the CIM updated their Level 4 and Level 6 Marketing courses in September 2014 and are now as follows :-

If you are currently studying either qualification and still have any modules outstanding, you would need to complete these no later than the September 2015 assessment board.  Thereafter there would be no further opportunities to sit exams or submit assignments for the 2009 syllabus. 

If you do not manage to complete your remaining modules, to gain the respective qualification you would need to transfer onto the new syllabus:-

If you have completed Assessing the Marketing Environment and Marketing Essentials from the 2009 Professional Certificate in Marketing Level 4, you would be exempt from the Marketing module from the 2014 Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 4.  Thereafter you would study Integrated Communications, along with Digital Marketing OR Customer Experience to achieve the new Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 4

New CIM Level 4 Exemptions

If you have completed Marketing Planning Process and Managing Marketing from the 2009 Professional Diploma in Marketing Level 6, you would be exempt from the Strategic Marketing module from the 2014 Diploma  in Professional Marketing Level 6.  Thereafter you would study Mastering Metrics, along with Digital Strategy OR Driving Innovation to achieve the new Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6.

CIM level 6 Diploma exemptions

If you have studied any other combination of modules within your respective qualification, unfortunately there are no other exemptions available.

CIM important dates for the September 2015 assessment board are as follows :-

  • Closing date to register for the September assessment board and pay your assessment fees to the CIM – 26th September
  • All assignments would need to be with us no later than 21st August.
  • Exams would be held on 1st September
  • Results – 27th November
  • Certificates released to students – approximately 12 weeks from 27th November

If you have studied elsewhere and are unable to find a local course provider – we can help!  We are currently enrolling students who need to complete their course and are on hand to supply all the support, online study resources and course materials as required

If you would like to contact Paul to discuss your options for finishing the qualification or transfering to the new CIM syllabus why not get in touch with Professional Academy today and he would be happy to help.