CIM Digital Marketing Courses – Integration is the key to success as a Digital Marketer.

CIM Digital Marketing Courses – Integration is the key to success as a Digital Marketer.

Written by Michael O’Flynn – Sales & Marketing Manager, Professional Academy.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) are the world’s leading professional marketing body and have over 100 years of marketing expertise, setting the bar for marketers globally for decades. Recently though, there has been an evolution in Marketing and at the CIM.

For the past decade technology and in kind digital marketing have accelerated at such a rate that it is sometimes hard to keep up. It’s hard for some people to believe that a decade ago we were without Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iPhones and smart phones in general which means marketers really have had to adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape in a very short space of time.

CIM Digital Marketing Pathways

If you had told me when I first started working in marketing I would be designing websites specifically for mobile devices and creating graphic friendly content to be shared across Pinterest and social media platforms I would have looked at you as if you were from the moon! But here we are and digital marketing is a huge part of my marketing role, something that can be said for all companies when creating their strategic marketing plans.

In the last few years the CIM have made strides to combine the worlds of marketing and digital marketing to allow for greater integration of the two fields as well as enhancing the knowledge of marketers and digital marketers alike.

The introduction of Digital Electives to CIM Qualifications

These steps were first introduced with the Digital Marketing and Digital Strategy elective modules for the CIM Certificate and Diploma’s in Professional Marketing respectively in late 2014 as part of the CIM Rebrand and 2025 vision. Now with the launch of the CIM Foundation in Marketing (Digital Essentials) pathway it is possible to start your career in marketing with a strong digital foundation (no pun intended…well maybe a little) and continue your personal development through to a strategic understanding of marketing and digital Marketing with the Diploma in Professional Marketing (Digital Strategy) qualification.

The CIM and Professional Academy have the ability to mentor you through your entire career in marketing/digital marketing whilst preparing you for the future of digital, meaning you won’t have to look at someone as if they were from a different planet when they talk about maximising your impact via the internet of things or creating a strategy for Big Data or the big one for marketers nowadays, getting the most out of your website with a SEO strategy.

Finding the right CIM Digital Marketing qualification for you

We’re here to help, Our qualification advisers can help find the right course for you, based on your experience, qualifications and career aspirations. From your first marketing role to nailing down the tactical side of marketing or for those with a bit more experience really getting to grips with the strategy side of things, we can match you to the right course.

The CIM also have a range of assessment tools you can use from the entry level assessment to a handy guide and overview based on your current job role but in our eyes there is nothing better than talking to someone at the end of the phone, email or over webchat.

Qualifications can be studied by a bitesize modular approach, allowing you to obtain Digital Marketing Awards or as full qualifications allowing you to achieve the following qualifcations via Blended Learning (with workshops at our UK Study Centres) or with a comprehensive eLearning course:

If you would like further information, you can visit our CIM Marketing Qualification information page, download a copy of our CIM Qualifications brochure or contact a qualifications adviser today.