Can professional training help develop a leader's mindset?

Can professional training help develop a leader's mindset?

Developing a Positive Mindset

By Andy Hart, Professional Academy's Learning & Development Advisor

How can professional training help brilliant practitioners develop a leader’s mindset and become exceptional managers? Perhaps triggered by the anniversary of Churchill’s death, there’s been a lot of buzz recently around the leadership mindset. 

Discussions going on in various L&D focussed social media groups include: 

  • Are leaders born or made? 

  • Do leaders have a different mindset to managers? 

  • Should businesses hire talent or mindset? 

  • Can talent be taught? 

  • Can mindset be taught? 

The consensus seems to be that managing is about organising and detail orientation and leadership is about inspiring and setting the vision (so more big picture than detail orientation) and that management skills can be taught but that people are born to lead. 

Whatever your interpretation or experience, there’s plenty of evidence that both mindsets are present in high performing individuals, teams and organisations. Here at Professional Academy we strongly believe that the two mindsets are not mutually exclusive, as many commentators seem to indicate, and that while some individuals do seem born to lead, without a thorough understanding and experience of managing, their destination is not always as planned. We also see many exceptional practitioners, who at first seem like the doers (not the managers or leaders) elevate their potential at a speed of knots. In fact, we see daily evidence that this is so. 

Indeed, more and more corporate clients are working with us to develop their talent pipelines, ensuring that today’s doers become tomorrow’s managers, become tomorrow’s leaders. Professional training really can help you to make this happen in your organisation, as is evidenced in this Professional Academy success story, celebrating the progress of delegates on our bespoke CMI qualification-based leadership development programme for BP. 

Our view on the talent or mindset debate? Hire for attitude, train for aptitude. We, of course, train for (and are very much committed to training for) both. If we experience a delegate with a mindset that may hamper their progress in your organisation, we help them to recognise it and to develop one that will. 

If you want to find out more about how professional training can help build your talent pipeline, do please get in touch.


Andy Hart - L&D AdvisorAndy Hart is a Learning & Development Advisor with Professional Academy. Working with companies across the UK and worldwide to deliver tailored bespoke people-focused training in Sales, Management, Marketing and Customer Service.

If you would like to connect with Andy please feel free to contact him directly via LinkedIn.