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Achieving Success: How to work like a Champion Athlete

Athletes don’t just ‘show up’ to the race-track and expect to achieve their best. Their work starts off the field using training, coaching and discipline.

How to Work Less

Are you a leader or business owner who dreams of earning more money and working fewer hours?

How to give work to people without worrying about it

Have you ever tried delegating but were frustrated because it took too long or wasn’t done correctly? Delegation is a key business skill, but there is an art to doing it successfully. The good news is, it’s an art we can all master.

Scrum: How to manage work that delivers value

Are there elements of your product mix that your customer doesn’t care about? Or maybe your entire range is suffering from a lack of customer interest.

Analogue productivity in a Digital World

Endless digital systems, software tools and apps exist to help our lives run more smoothly, but there’s a community of people who have opted to go back to analogue. They’ve abandoned notifications and updates in favour of a pen and paper.
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