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What's it like to study an apprenticeship with Professional Academy?

To start 2021 we polled our actively studying Sales, Management, and Marketing Apprentices to ask them their thoughts on not only the key elements of Professional Academy’s apprenticeship delivery but also how they felt they were supported during the 2020 pandemic.

Explaining the apprenticeship levy [Infographic]

The apprenticeship levy was introduced by the government on April, 6th 2017. All employers with an annual wage bill of £3 million plus will pay into the levy, to invest in apprenticeships. 

How to Make Working in the Office Less Tiring and Time-Consuming

We have all experienced those tiresome days in the office that made us unable to perform our duties efficiently. For some, such fatigue is a common occurrence that takes place all day when in the office while others get tired within the first hour of getting into the office. Well, you need to know about such fatigue and understand that it can be avoided. There are tips which when incorporated into your routine can make your working time less tiring. Here are four tips to get you through the day.

How to study successfully: overcoming mental blocks

You’ve signed up to a new course and you feel excited and eager to get started. You attend the first workshop and you still feel full of energy. But then the time comes when you need to do some homework or personal study for your course and everything grinds to a halt. Something in your mind stops you from taking action. To put it another way, you’ve hit a mental block.

4 Industries Where Certifications Can Help You Advance Your Career

Doing something good with your career and changing it for the better is never easy. However, if you take time and invest energy into getting certified, you could help your career a lot. Certifications are important for different types of professions and they could help you reach the position you’ve always wanted to reach quite quickly and easily.
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