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How to free up one hour each week

Do you want to give yourself back one extra hour each week? Most people can only dream of having more free time. However, the truth is we all have the power to overcome the problem. If you are clear on your goals and focus on making small sustainable changes you too can claw back at least one hour each week.

Presentation skills: 10 ways to boost your confidence

If the thought of speaking in front of a group of people fills you with fear, help is at hand. Public speaking is a valuable lifelong skill but, like any skill, it must studied and purposefully practiced in order for it to remain sharp. Overcome your presentation fears and boost your confidence by following these 10 simple tips.

How To Manage A Flexible Working Team

Managing any team is difficult, and managing a remote team of flexible workers is much trickier. You need to approach the task with an open mind and a strong determination to adapt. To help facilitate your growth, we’re going to set out some tips for managing a flexible working team. Let’s get to them.

How to win big clients: Advice from Niraj Kapur

What questions should you ask potential leads at networking events? And how can you effectively help them without coming off too 'salesy'? Sales trainer Niraj Kapur shares a personal experience and the importance of networking to land big clients.

Three skills gaps in the marketing industry [Infographic]

Marketing is a dynamic industry and all marketers should keep their skills up-to-date to stay at the top of their game. As technology develops and the way we work is transformed, certain skills have moved to the forefront and should become more of a priority. So which skills are lacking in the marketing industry? And in which areas do marketers need to develop to ensure high levels of success? Check out the infographic below to find out, which also features interesting statistics from CIM's The Impact of Marketing study from 2020. 
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