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What Social Media Platform is Right for your Business? - Infographic

Whether your just starting out using social media for your business or have been using it for a while, it might seem as if you're talking to yourself when on social media platforms. Here at Professional Academy we have created an infographic to help you understand the different types of audiences on different types of social media platforms. 

Introducing the new CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing

The CIM are an ever-evolving institute. We saw this with the launch of the marketing leadership programme at the start of 2017 along with the integration of digital marketing to core qualifications in 2014/15, but the latest qualification is a big step for the CIM and a huge opportunity for marketers looking for a digital marketing qualification.

How to Get a Year’s Work Completed in One Month

Ask most people how their day was and they’ll say ‘busy’. But ‘busy’ doesn’t equal productive. We live in a world of distractions – the average American unlocks their phone 180 times per day – and distractions prevent you focusing on the valuable work you should be doing.

Why Localising Your Landing Page URL Is Critical To Conversions

Your landing page is crucial when it comes to conversion. When a would be customer lands on your page, they need to find the information they want right away. If they can't, they're going to click away before you can get their attention.

6 Steps to securing company funding for your qualification or training

Professional Academy have spoken to a few of the institutes, conducted a fair bit of research and had some conversations with previous students to boil down the process of convincing an employer that a qualification is worth the company’s investment.
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