Benefits of Content Marketing to Small Businesses and How to Go About IT

Benefits of Content Marketing to Small Businesses and How to Go About IT

Written by Vinod Jethwani - CEO and Founder of Walnut Solutions 

Content marketing is the order of the day for many businesses. There are many companies and brands that have become successful owing to content marketing. It is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing today. The things that you can do with content marketing are just so many. The thing that makes this form of marketing even better is the fact that it can be employed by just about any business. It does not matter whether you are running a small business or the largest of them all you can greatly benefit from marketing using content.

What exactly is content marketing?

What is content marketing and what types are there?Just as the name might suggest, content marketing entails promotion of a brand or product using content. It could be the online articles that are created concerning the product. Sometimes it could be a video or a podcast. The option that you take is your personal decision based on what appeals most to your audience.

Now that the issue of the audience has come up, there is need for building an audience and this is usually the hardest part. When you are starting out in content marketing, you will have to build a large audience so that your brand or that particular product can get the attention of the public. Eventually it is this audience that becomes the customer. They bring in the conversions and they also spread the stories about your product and brand.

It goes without saying that content marketing does not work alone. You have to combine it with another marketing strategy such as social media marketing and SEO to give it more effect. On its own, content marketing can bring in great returns but to get even better ones you should couple it with some other marketing efforts. The mistake that many small business owners make is focusing too much on one technique and ignoring all the others. There is not a single one that can bring you everything that you are looking for.

First thing to do is set up a marketing planContent marketing steps for small businesses

The first thing you must do before you begin a content marketing effort is to set up a plan. A marketing plan must have goals, the key performance indicators (KPIs) and so forth. You should not skimp out on making this plan because you might end up being very disappointed. The marketing plan should not be difficult to create. It is all about what you target to achieve and how you plan to achieve those targets. In that plan the most important thing you should include is the method that you will employ to achieve those goals.

Although this will be part of the plan, another thing that you should consider is the type of content that you will use to do the marketing. There are several different types of content that you can employ in your marketing efforts. As aforementioned there are some people who prefer to use articles while others opt for videos. There are still others who will go for podcasts, e-books and webinars. You do not need to be told that employing a variety of these marketing strategies is going to be most beneficial for your marketing campaigns.

Create interesting contentCreation of the content is going to be the third step and it is also a simple one. When you have created the content, you should allow it to simmer. Do not post immediately because you will always have something that you will want to add or subtract in order to make the quality of the content better. The content must be of premium quality if it is going to keep people coming back for more. Here are some tips on how to create the content:

Think of interesting topics that people will be attracted to. Make a list of at least fifty of these topics to start with.
Develop ideas of how to tackle those topics. There are some topics that are best tackled in video format while others will be better if they were podcast interviews or something of the sort.
Create the content and edit appropriately. A very minor mistake can turn someone’s attention away from you.
Get a second opinion from an expert. It helps to have an editor who will check out the content and ensure that it is of premium quality.

The next thing will be to post that content online. You can post on your blog, someone else’s blog, a forum, social media sites like YouTube and Periscope (for the video content). There are many platforms that you can use to share out your content.

The last step in content marketing is to market the content. This is a step that many people skip and still wonder why they are not getting excellent returns from their content marketing efforts. Marketing content basically involves letting people know that you have created something and that it is available for them to view.

Start Content MarketingBenefits to small business

Content marketing has so many merits that it brings to small businesses. To start with, it is a really affordable form of digital marketing. You will not have to set aside a fortune in your budget for marketing. With content marketing you can spread the gospel about your products and your brand’s activities without having to break the bank. It brings fair competition between multinational brands and those that are just starting out.

Secondly, content marketing has the potential of taking a business to thousands of places across the world. The fact that it is online makes it possible for billions of people all over the globe to see it. This means that there is a lot of potential of having a trending product very fast.

Thirdly, there is a variety of avenues to reach out to your audience and prospective clients. You can use social media or even develop your own website. Furthermore you can create different types of content. If you do not have a video camera to create this type of content, you do not have to bend over backwards, straining your finances to get one. You can just work with a voice recorder or do articles.

It would not be fair not to mention the fact that content marketing is very simple. In as much as it might sound complicated, it is a really simple process as long as you have the marketing plan. If you plan your content development and marketing strategies you will find it to be quite effortless.


Content marketing can take your brand to a whole other level with impressive ease. You will not have to spend an amount that could easily cover the national debt in the name of marketing content. What you need to do is make sure that you develop a good marketing plan and stick to it.

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