Apprenticeships with the Professional Academy

Apprenticeships with the Professional Academy

We have recently partnered up with an organisation to be able to offer apprenticeships in ISMM Sales courses for 16-19 year olds, allowing for their own personal development and for them to learn specific skills and technques in Sales & Marketing.

Careers in Sales are more and more becoming a definite career option in today's highly competitive business environment, and we are pleased to be able to offer this to a large cohort of students interested in pursuing this career option.

As places at University and college become more and more limited, along with increasing student fees and a highly competitive job market, apprenticeships are seen as an alternative.  Traditionally these had been seen to be available for more technical and manual careers only but in recent years this has changed to include a wider variety across all business sectors.

We will be monitoring our current programme and cohort of students with a view to eventually extending this across our whole program of professional qualifications and offer these exclusively through our organisation.

For more information about apprenticeships, please go to the following link :-