Aim for the top in the world of sales

Aim for the top in the world of sales

Aim for the top

Learn to work smarter, not harder.

Advice from the desk of Martin Hutchins on making that step to senior sales management an easier transition.

It is a familiar story for many sales managers, account managers and directors. Through hard work, application and your own personal talent you have managed to gradually move through the sales ranks, developing and building your experience  as you progress up the career ladder. During this period of your career, your skills and experience of sales and customer relationship development become well honed and very effective in achieving success, both on a personal and an organisational scale. However you then reach a certain point in your career, a particular level of seniority where a more managerial and strategic approach is required , and much more of what is expected from those above shifts in quite a different direction. It’s a direction that requires a different way of thinking and a whole new range of skills that are relatively new to you.

Welcome to the world of strategic sales management. Once you aspire to or reach the is level, then to be most effective, in addition to sales and marketing, you must be able to combine a complex mix of skills such as leadership and management, human resources, finance and procurement. These expectations and skills must be embraced because you need to ensure that what you offer is both at the correct level, very importantly, also up to date. Business naturally shifts and develops over time and so you need to ensure that your own skills and knowledge not only reflect the changing strategic sales environment, but also adapts to the wider macro perspective.

We are still in tough times and though we have had a small bought of growth there are still high levels of redundancy and unemployment, budgets are being streamlined and your customers’ are still demanding better value for their money. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that you can make yourself stand out from other candidates and that you have the ability to work effectively at a strategic sales level. But help is at hand. This is the express purpose of professional qualifications such as ISMM’s Level 6 Executive Diploma in Strategic Sales and Account Management.

Since offering the Executive Diploma at Professional Academy, we have Working Smart Acronymhad many individuals making enquiries that have discovered they have areas of sales management that they really need to strengthen. Although returning to studying can be very daunting, they understand it is essential for progressing their career. The qualification enables them to incorporate and develop their existing knowledge of sales and marketing by focusing on the key concepts that are demanded at this level including:

  • The role of sales and marketing within the wider organisation and its successful integration with other functions within the business.
  • How to develop, evaluate, implement and measure both corporate and sales & marketing strategies and objectives.
  • Sales management in terms of leading and managing a sales force including understanding the departments individual and team dynamics as well as how you can achieve the best from your team.
  • How to plan and evaluate resources including budgetary and personal issues.
  • The impact of technological advances on strategic sales and marketing.

Change is inevitable and essential for maintaining a healthy and successful business as well as helping the economy to thrive, and should be embraced. So to ensure that you are keeping up, the Executive Diploma will prove very advantageous for not only reinforcing your sales management experience, but also giving you the confidence to develop new strategies to help drive your company forward in to the future.

For more information on progressing your career with continued professional study please feel free to contact us today or download a prospectus for further course information.