A Q&A with Mastering Metrics Tutor Rizwan Tahair

A Q&A with Mastering Metrics Tutor Rizwan Tahair

The Journey of a CIM Marketing Student - PArt 4

Rizwan Tahir is a tutor for the Professional Academy. Dave Thackeray is studying towards the CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing and recently attended Riz's Marketing Metrics workshop in Manchester, as such this felt like the perfect time for Dave to meet the man behing the Metrics and find out a little more about him and his background. 

Dave: Who signs up for CIM courses with the Professional Academy?

Riz: Mostly professional marketers or professionals who want to further their career with a professional qualification.  It is genuinely a requirement for most marketing jobs to have a CIM qualification and it sure helps to get on to the marketing career ladder


D: Sometimes you look at courses and wonder whether there’s more in it for the providers than the students. What makes CIM courses any different?

R: CIM courses are very much in-line with the needs and requirements of the industry. They provide a platform for marketing and sales professionals to learn the language of how to communicate to consumers and customers with greater understanding of their needs. After all, it's marketing that brings revenues to the organisation.


D: I was initially a bit sceptical about doing this course because I thought I couldn’t fit it in alongside a demanding full-time job. Convince me otherwise.

R: A professional qualification that gives you a competitive edge in the market place is worth the effort. Every job is demanding and it is all about time management and commitment. It is in your best interest to achieve this course so you can enjoy the rewards personally and professionally.


D: As a tutor, how much work is involved for you in helping us students achieve greatness with Professional Academy?

R: I'm here to make sure students achieve their CIM qualifications. I'm keen to listen but very demanding and pushy to make things happen for students.  It's in my interest to see students through their assessments.  It gives me ultimate satisfaction to see students pass with decent grades. I am not one of those who take pride in helping students to achieve just a pass or C grade. I'm demanding and more satisfied when I see students achieving professional qualifications with decent grades - and learning something from the process, too.


D: Give me a couple of study tips to help me make the most of my time and give me the best chance of succeeding first time.

R: Understand the requirements for each assignment and exam. I always suggest students to read course book just like a story book and perhaps familiarise themselves with the subject matter. Divide each task into smaller and smaller sections for clarity, and then start writing with critical eye and vigour. Always remember that these diplomas are professional qualifications and therefore it's all about application from what you have learned at work, and evaluation with some justification for the best course of action for your future plans and strategies.


D: What inspired you to get involved with the Professional Academy and helping us students figure marketing out.

R: My background is very much in strategic marketing. I've worked for brands such as Haagen Dazs, Deloitte Touche, BT, Abbey National (now Santander) and The Co-operative Group. I achieved my MSc in Marketing by Research from Cranfield University, an MBA from Henley Management College and my Diploma in Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing.  So my insights come from experience in the industry reinforced with professional qualifications.


D: What current marketing trends excite you the most?

R: Mobile and social media marketing driving conversions excite me most. There is a lot to learn here, and amazing developments happening already with the promise of many more in the future.


D: Describe the future of marketing.

R: It's in the boardroom. The future of marketing lies with understanding customers and consumer needs and then delivering those needs with innovation and creativity. There is more work and better communication required to further the CIM brand, and more good stories to demonstrate how marketing specifically is creating excellent results in the business world. It is marketing communications that determine success or failure of any entity, whether a business, charity, an academic organisation - or even the government. Let’s see how spin doctors, communication experts and marketers help make a leader of our country at the General Elections in May. 


Rizwan TahirA Successful Strategy, Marketing Communications, and Brand Management professional, whose career has progressed in several different industries with blue chip companies in business to consumer, business and government sectors.

Dave Thackery - The Journey of a CIM StudentFormer journalist, editor and company owner Dave is now the web and social media officer at WLCT, a charity operating leisure services for councils. After years making his way through the marketing maze he decided to go back to basics and learn how to do it properly with Professional Academy and CIM. Follow his progress on this blog and feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter to ask about his experiences. 

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