7 Top Trends of Digital Marketing to gain an Edge in 2016

7 Top Trends of Digital Marketing to gain an Edge in 2016

Writen by Kristy Bernales - a Sr. Designer with Web Design Xperts

Online marketing is a purely volatile and unpredictable industry. If you are using a particular trend today, it may change or won’t exist tomorrow. But working in this industry becomes equally exciting once you’ll learn the art of maintaining a pace with the evolving trends. This requires you to take every step strategically, keeping user preferences in mind, so to avoid setbacks. The marketers who have already adopted the digital marketing are successful enough to stay abreast of their competitors, building their reputations as market leaders, while the soon-to-be-adopting marketers losing up a wonderful opportunity to mark their positions and some even finding it hard to retain their hold.

2016 is predicted to be a rewarding year for online marketing efforts. It is important that you include the seven newest trends in your marketing strategy to take your business to a whole new level.

Without wasting any much time, let’s have a quick look at those 7 amazing trends that will make attaining digital marketing goals an easy job:

1)    Video Ads will maintain a Dominating Position

There’s nothing new about the fad of video ads as there have been so many channel platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Bing etc who are hosting the video advertisements. 2016 is set to be the boom as Google has also adopted this trend through SERP video advertising.  It’s a clear indication that visitors are looking forward to more video ads online, and as this trend will continue, you can expect to see a variety of video ads appearing abruptly from unexpected resources. Hence, 2016 will prove to be beneficial for the businesses that will realise the effectiveness of video ads.

2)    Outburst of apps

Rise the planet of the Apps!

Last year, when Google modified its algorithm for rewarding the websites that are mobile-friendly, it started gathering information through the indexed apps that contributed in search rankings. From that time, app indexing that drops the content of apps into the search results of Google mobile has gained traction. Business owners are gradually pacing up, especially because of the responsive nature of apps and the convenience that they offer to individual users. While this won’t be influencing mobile websites much, 2016 will prove to be a turning point with the adoption of app trend by the business owners.

3)    Mobile Trend will Rule over the Desktop

The increasing fad of mobile usage will completely take over the desktop usage in 2016. Mobile usage began to rise in 2015; credit goes to the Google’s update highlighting the mobile-friendliness of the site as an element for improved search engine rankings. This doesn’t imply that the desktop traffic will fade away completely though there will be an upsurge in mobile traffic. It’s already started as mobile search activities are more than that of desktop search.

Futures, Made of, Virtual Reality

4)    The Inception of Virtual Reality

A couple of virtual reality devices will be soon launched in the near future. Some of them are built to serve the purpose for the specific applications while some are designed to serve the general purposes. But all of them will bring a big change in the way online advertising was carried – be it through video channels, social media platforms, and even direct messaging.

5)    Advanced Strategies for the Optimisation

In the initial stages, a majority of the online marketing strategies used to target the Search Engine Optimisation and advertising through PPC. Now, digital assistants have come up as advanced solutions for resolving customers’ queries. In 2016, business owners will make sure that their business details could easily be reached out via virtual assistants, taking a step further by dropping the traditional methods of listing information on the web.

6)    Plump for Wearable Tech

Are you wearing your tech yet?

Wearable tech will tend to grow at an exponential rate in 2016. Following the trend of Apple watches, many other new-generation smart watches are scheduled to launch in a couple of months. Globally, it is expected to see a growth of 35 percent per year from 2015 to 2019 that will be of great influence on the marketing strategies due to really small screen sizes of the mobile devices. Wearables have made the job of marketers more challenging as they have to be more precise with their approach to providing information on-the-go. Moreover, they will have to work on concise content creation that can be searched for voice commands.

7)    Increased Investment into Advertising

In the recent years, the online marketing has grown overly-competitive and this trend will grow in 2016. Companies are ready to make a huge amount of investments for gaining an edge in digital marketing.

These are the trends of digital marketing that will help you gain an edge over your competitors. You might remember the old saying that “The Early Bird Gets the Worm”, it goes true with the digital marketing trends. Sooner you will adopt these trends; edgier will be your position in the industry.

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