“I am too good for this” – Why complacency isn’t helping salespeople

“I am too good for this” – Why complacency isn’t helping salespeople

Written by Doug Skinner – Director at Charter Selection

Why bother with Formal Sales Training?  “I have been a good salesperson for years – you can’t teach me anything new”

This makes you wonder about them doesn’t it? All the best salespeople I have ever come across have been open minded and ravenous for new information and skills so they can use this new methods, tools to increase their earnings. The sales sector has been slow in utilising highly skilled and properly trained salespeople – but times are changing.

HR staff are leading this revolution and resisting the usual MD’s request for “someone from the competition”. Quite rightly they are thinking more long term and are more likely to analyse the core skills required for each new sales vacancy and list them in the Job Description.

An ISMM sales qualification is typical of what there are listing these days alongside, for example consultative selling skills, experience of CRM use and networking skills etc. It’s second nature to HR as they don’t go for the typical MD’s gut feeling but probably assess a vast number of skills on a Skills Matrix software platform and end up with a % rating. They have been looking for MBA’s (management), ACCA (finance), CIM (marketing) for years and of course they recognise the work that went into their own CIPD qualification and how it has helped them.

I am encouraging my clients to ask for formal sales training qualifications and many are starting to push for this too. They are looking for well-rounded innovative individuals. Interestingly stress can be a big problem for the old school salesmen in a fast changing world but training gives depth and resilience which is another long term advantage for the employer and individual alike.

Ask the reticent old school salesperson what capacity planning is all about and they will soon realise they need to go back to school to increase his value and his OTE.

As a major sales recruiter in the UK we at Charter Selection are searching for the ISMM qualification on every search as we know that the interview and placement rate will be much higher.

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