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How an Apprenticeship Helped Me Kickstart My Career

When I first dropped out of college I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I was so involved with the stigma around going to university that I was completely lost. I was very eager to work and earn some money but I also knew I had to stay in education, and voila! Apprenticeships ticked both boxes and even additional benefits that I have mentioned in my previous blog.

7 Ways to Reach Email Heaven

Are you in control of your email or is it in control of you? Email is a tool to communicate with other people – and it’s not a very good one. However, it’s one of the most popular tools in the working world and shows no signs of going away. Knowing how to use it properly will help you be more productive, reduce your stress levels and free up time to spend time on your important tasks.

Grow your own!

Lots of people seem to think they need to ‘take on an apprentice’ but this doesn’t necessarily fit with the new apprenticeship process. Although, historically, apprentices were taken on by craft guilds when children of upper class parents were bound to their master who delivered training, moral guidance and board and lodgings. But this was way back in medieval times.

11 Ways to Motivate your Team - Infographic

Many people say that you are only as good as your team, being the leader of a group of staff can often be difficult as you oversee employee’s needs and how they are doing. A good leader will have many good ways to motivate their team such as listening and communicating with them when they have ideas, as well as respecting and praising them. Sometimes it can be hard for a boss to know all the best ways to keep staff focused so here at Professional Academy we have come up with an infographic to help. 

Not just for 16-20-year-olds!

It’s time for those of us for who school is a distant memory to start digging around in the loft or other dark and dusty corners to find our school certificates. And that’s because the new apprenticeship standards are available to everyone from 16 upwards.
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