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Benefits of Apprenticeships for the Hospitality Sector

From my experience with the right attitude and a work ethic, that drives you to take on the hours to do what is necessary, you will often progress in your hospitality career. Leading by example and setting the standards for your team will often inspire, but is this the best method for choosing and developing your future leaders?

8 Steps to Maximise learner engagement with training programmes

First presented at the CIPD L&D Show in London (May 2017) this infographic takes a look into the 8 steps a business can take to ensure high levels of engagement with training and development programmes.

Why I Chose to do an Apprenticeship

I get a lot of people asking me the same questions about my choice of path that I've decided to take. The most common are ‘why didn't you go to university?’, ‘Why are you doing an apprenticeship instead of working full time?’ and ‘well what are you going to do when it finishes?’.

Do Management Skills Really Make you a Better Manager?

Being a great manager isn’t about “ruling” a workplace with an iron-first like a dictator. Rather, it is about acting as both a leader and a considerate, meticulous and clear-sighted individual, affecting the outcome of short-term and long-term goals for both the company and its colleagues with your direction and influence.

How an Apprenticeship Helped Me Kickstart My Career

When I first dropped out of college I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. I was so involved with the stigma around going to university that I was completely lost. I was very eager to work and earn some money but I also knew I had to stay in education, and voila! Apprenticeships ticked both boxes and even additional benefits that I have mentioned in my previous blog.
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